This week’s top news: Apple: The Apple Watch is getting a redesign

The Washington Examiner article Apple has announced a new version of its digital crown for iPhone and iPad users, with a sleek design that’s less than a year old.

The redesigned Apple Watch Sport is being marketed as a “better” version of the older Apple Watch, and while it won’t feature a circular face, the new model is likely to be less bulky than previous iterations.

The new watch also includes an OLED display, a new “glass” casing, a stainless steel strap, and a stainless-steel circular crown.

The new Apple Watch has a new design, too.

A redesigned Apple logo appears on the side of the crown.

There are a new watch faces with a new color scheme.

The Apple logo also appears on a new app icon on the Watch app store.

The watch has a more “classic” look with more textured edges, a red-orange-green color scheme, and an orange crown.

It’s unclear what Apple plans to do with the new Apple Watches, but it’s probably not something that’ll be shared in its public announcements.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.