Chrome’s new video editor app, Chromecast Video Editor, will help you create your next movie with your phone or tablet, says Apple

Chrome is rolling out an Android app for video editors and video makers, making the platform the first to allow Android devices to do the job of Apple’s mobile video app.

The app, dubbed ChromecastVideoEditor, has been in development for months and will be made available in the Android version of Google’s Chrome browser starting next week, the company announced today.

The app will work on both iOS and Android devices and is intended to be a one-stop shop for video creators and producers alike.

For Chromecast, Google will add support for 1080p, 30fps and 4K video recording, along with “a number of other features,” including the ability to select the camera from a list of supported devices and use a video app that is native to Android.

Google said the new app will also be able to make video clips and use it to upload them to YouTube.

For now, the app only supports video editing with Android, and YouTube is not available in Chrome on Android.

“This is a significant upgrade for video, and one that’s going to bring a lot of exciting new features to Chrome users,” said Chris Cox, VP of product marketing for Google, in a blog post.

“With Chromecast video editing, you’ll be able create videos in your favorite video editing software and share them on YouTube directly from the Chrome Web Store.

It’s the best way to share your work with the world.”

Google has also added a number of new video editing features to the Chrome app, including “premium” editing, which allows you to adjust the quality of the video.

For example, you can now adjust the brightness of the background or highlight areas, and you can use the built-in camera mode to capture the action.

It also includes a new “live” mode, which lets you use the camera to adjust video settings, such as how long the clip lasts, and the size of the audio.

Chromecast is also getting a new video playback button, which you can tap to play the video in a new tab, as well as a new option to disable the “skip audio” feature on YouTube.

Chromecasts already work with Android TV, but Google has also introduced a number new features in its Chrome browser, including support for Google Cast, a video-calling feature for Android devices that’s meant to improve battery life.

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