How to use a Google Docs project to edit and share videos with Microsoft PDF editor

Microsoft is planning to make video editing more accessible to the public in the next few years.

The company said Tuesday it is adding support for the open-source video editing app Vimeo to its suite of editing tools.

The new addition is a feature that can be enabled by default in both the Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 versions of the software, though it has not been available in either version of the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft says the feature will enable users to make edits to videos in Vimeo, which also includes an editing tool called VideoEdit, that also works on YouTube.

The feature is expected to be rolled out to Microsoft’s online video app in the coming weeks.

It’s also available to developers on GitHub.

Microsoft’s Office and the Microsoft online video apps are built around the video editing tool VideoEdit.

The app is also compatible with other video editing software such as Adobe’s QuickTime, VLC Media Player, or Media Player Classic.

Microsoft has been experimenting with adding video editing support to other applications in the Windows ecosystem, such as Microsoft Edge.

The Microsoft Office suite has had video editing features for a long time, including in the recent Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The announcement comes as Microsoft is exploring a move to offer the Vimeo app to its Office 365 and Office 365 Business subscribers, which are members of the company’s bundled Windows 10 Insider program.

The company said earlier this year it would be offering this service for free.

Microsoft said that its video editing tools will be available in the same app that includes the Vodafone Video app and the YouTube app, but that Microsoft will also be offering the app for free to anyone who signs up for the Insider program for Windows 10.

The Office apps for the two apps will not be part of the new release of Microsoft’s new Office apps.

Microsoft is also adding the ability to create custom video clips, the company said.

This is available in preview on the Microsoft website, but it has yet to be released for users to try.

The addition of the VideoEdit feature makes it easier for users who want to edit videos without having to download the apps, Microsoft said.