Why is the video editor on fire? | JPost.com

The video editor in the Hebrew and English language versions of The Jerusalem Times is on fire, causing damage to the paper’s video editor.

The fire, which began around 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, was first reported by the Jerusalem Post, which is owned by the daily.

It said the fire was discovered when an employee was cleaning the building, where the newspaper has offices in several cities.

It did not say what caused the fire.

An initial investigation showed that there were no structural damage to a building that has been vacant for decades.

The fire was extinguished by firefighters, and the fire burned for two hours.

Firefighters were able to contain the blaze, and two fire trucks arrived at the scene around 1 p.s.m., said police spokeswoman Luba Shemsh, who added that the investigation is ongoing.

A video editor, who was not identified, was among the casualties.

He was taken to the hospital with a non-life threatening injury, according to Shemsd.

A police spokesperson said the video was not affected by the fire, and it is not known what caused it.

In its statement, The Jerusalem Report, which runs The Jerusalem Daily News, said the paper has experienced significant losses due to the fire in the past and will be taking the necessary measures to ensure that no further damage is caused.

The Jerusalem Report said it has a dedicated video editor who was assigned to this location and he is receiving treatment in the hospital.

The paper’s Jerusalem bureau is also under fire.

On Monday, the Jerusalem Daily reported that the Jerusalem bureau was considering an expansion to double as an independent video publication.

The Jerusalem Weekly reported on Tuesday that the paper was in the process of being sold and that it was in talks with the Jerusalem daily to sell the Jerusalem Weekly for $1.7 million.