How to make a new-style P5JS app

A new-generation video editor app is launching in India, with a slick design and a focus on simplicity.

With the help of a few months of development and an eye for design, P5js has come a long way from its predecessor, P3JS, which launched in 2015.

The new app, called P5, is designed to be a more polished, easier-to-use and less intrusive alternative to the more conventional editing apps on Android.

P5 comes with a bunch of new features: A new, streamlined interface, called the P5 Viewer, allows for easy, one-click editing.

Users can tap on the bottom bar at the bottom of the screen to switch between multiple clips, or swipe left or right to toggle between clips.

A few additional tools are also available: the ability to zoom in on a section of a clip, as well as adjust the angle of an editing tool.

P5 also comes with an in-app camera that lets users capture and share clips.

The app is available in India on both Android and iOS.

The app also comes equipped with a few extra features.

For example, P4, which is an older app, does not support any native editing tools.

However, the app does have a handy ‘save’ button, so users can take clips offline and then load them later.

For a more in-depth look at the new app’s features, read our interview with its founder, Manu Ramanathan.