What you need to know about the VA scandal

VA scandal: Why are the VA and VA hospital systems struggling to contain the scandal?

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“The recent events of the past several days have shown that we have a system that cannot function in a way that is appropriate and that does not support the health of the veterans who serve in our Armed Forces,” he said.

“I have been deeply troubled by these events and their impact on the VA system.

We must continue to take swift and decisive action to ensure that VA has the resources it needs to ensure care for our Veterans and ensure the care and treatment of our veterans is consistent with our values and ethical standards.”

Sen. Jeff Merkley Jeffrey (Jeff) Alan MerklySenate sends VA $60 million to help hospitals, but no more money for opioids | Pentagon to spend $1.5 billion on opioid-related research, testing and treatment | Military veterans: The U.S. is in the wrong | ‘We can’t let the VA be like another hospital’: Trump’s VA pick | How VA can fix VA problems without raising taxes MORE (D-Ore.) also condemned the VA for its latest misstep.

“Today’s events underscore the urgent need for the Department of Veterans Affairs to fully investigate these actions and take corrective action, and we are committed to continuing to do so,” he added.

“We need to make sure the VA is held accountable for its actions.

The Department of Justice has an obligation to investigate these serious allegations, and any action taken by the Department will be consistent with the Office of Inspector General’s investigative recommendations.”

On Wednesday, the Office Of The Inspector General found that VA had not fully implemented the Veterans Choice Program and failed to ensure adequate oversight of its care.

The IG also said that the VA had failed to properly respond to a request for a more timely and efficient response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The VA has until Thursday to respond to the report and report back to Congress on the results.