How to use the Plain Text Editor in Android News

Android News is a new app on the Google Play Store, and it comes with some interesting features.

You can use the editor to edit articles and videos in an Android News feed, for example, and you can also add your own comments.

But there’s also a basic editor that can edit text, too.

To start, let’s talk about how the editor works.

When you start using the editor, you’ll see the new text editor.

In the top right corner, you can see the three tabs, one for your articles, one to edit your videos, and the last one for comments.

You’ll see a couple of icons to the left of the text editor, but these are just a couple icons.

The first tab shows your article title, and on the right side, you see the editor options.

You choose the editor and you get a bunch of options.

The third tab is where you can comment.

You tap the + icon to add a comment, and then tap the bottom right icon to remove a comment.

This is what the comments screen looks like.

You add a new comment by tapping the + and then dragging it to the bottom.

You have to tap the comment button twice to add or remove it.

This makes the comment look like a regular comment, but you can add or delete comments.

To remove a post, tap the down arrow next to it.

Tap the bottom arrow again to delete it.

When using the plain text editor in Android news, you don’t have to drag text into the editor.

You just have to use a few keys to move it.

You start typing text into your text editor by tapping in the right-most corner, and after a few seconds, the text will appear in the editor in the top-right corner.

You click on the text to see its definition and edit it.

You can also change the text you see in the text edit panel by tapping on the icon next to the text.

For example, to move the line up, you need to tap on the + symbol next to line.

This will move the text from the left-hand side to the right.

To change the line’s direction, tap on an empty space and move it to whichever direction you want it to go.

To make it disappear, tap back and the text should disappear.

To see the current text, tap any of the buttons on the left side of the screen, and a text editor will appear.

To edit text you’ve already typed, tap one of the blank spaces in the bottom-right of the editor’s panel and tap Edit.

You may have noticed that the editor doesn’t show up when you first start using it.

It’s a simple matter of adjusting the position of the dots next to your cursor.

To do that, tap and hold your cursor while holding down a key.

A menu will appear, and tap Settings.

Here you can set the position and size of the cursor.

The next two options let you resize the cursor as you wish, as well as set it to automatically move when you start typing in the editing mode.

The final option lets you choose whether the editor will auto-indent your text.

In general, it’s best to not auto-align text as much as possible, because this will make it difficult to see the definition of your words.

To add a text to the editor or comment, you just have two options.

Either tap the icon at the bottom of the window and select the text, or tap the button at the top of the keyboard.

If you don, you will be prompted to choose between a single or multiple lines of text.

You also have the option to add an image to your comment.

To delete a post or comment that you have already edited, tap Back to the top bar.

You will then be asked to tap Delete to delete your comment or post.

To delete a comment you’ve edited, you simply tap Delete.

To stop editing a comment or posting, tap Clear to remove all comments or posts in your comment and delete your post.

If the comments or postings are deleted, you should get a notification in your inbox saying that your comment was deleted.

To read more about editing and comments, check out our How to Edit section.