How to change your browser’s color theme in Chrome 57.5 and 59.0

I have a pretty big collection of photos on my desktop, but I don’t want them all stacked on top of each other in a giant folder.

So, I decided to change my browser’s default background image from white to green.

Chrome 57 and Chrome 59 both allow you to change the color of the background on your browser.

This is an easy trick to do in the Chrome browser, and I am sure many other users will find it useful too.

I like the new green color, so I will share the steps for changing the default background on my Chrome 57 machine.


Go to chrome://settings.


Click on the Background option.


In the settings section, check the “Change color of background” box.


If you have installed Chrome 57, then check the checkbox to enable the option.

This option is usually found in the “Customize the color” section of chrome://flags.


Under the “Background” tab, click on the “Use color” option.

Chrome will now change the background of your browser from white.


Open the Chrome app.


Under “General settings,” click on “Change background.”


If the change is successful, you will see the new background color in the top-right corner of your Chrome browser.


You can go back to your main Chrome browser window by right-clicking on it. 10.

You should see a new Chrome browser tab open up with the new color in it.