When Disney’s Frozen became the #1 movie on Netflix, it was the biggest streaming hit of the year

When Disney/Pixar’s Frozen hit the #2 spot on Netflix in its opening weekend, it sparked a flurry of interest in a film that, at first glance, didn’t seem like the type of thing you’d see on Netflix.

Frozen, a sequel to the wildly popular Frozen, is the most anticipated Disney film of all time.

For fans of the Frozen franchise, it’s a treat and a treat of a film.

For movie buffs, it can be confusing, especially since the film has been released over a decade after the first film, which came out in 2015.

Frozen became one of the biggest hits of the 2016 calendar year, grossing more than $2 billion worldwide.

Its biggest selling point is that it’s about the same age as the original film, but Frozen was released nearly 10 years before Frozen.

That’s a lot of years.

The sequel, Frozen 2, is set for release in 2021.

As the first movie hit the big screen in 2020, it also became a household name and a worldwide phenomenon.

Frozen 2 was one of Disney’s most successful films and has been nominated for six Academy Awards and five Academy Awards nominations, including Best Animated Feature.

The second movie, Frozen 3, is due for release this summer.

The movie, which will follow the adventures of Kristoff and Olaf in the original trilogy, has been compared to the beloved Disney musical Frozen.

“I feel so lucky to be able to be a part of this film, even though it’s not a musical,” said Frozen 2 director Jennifer Lee.

“This movie is a love letter to the original Frozen and a tribute to all the people who made it.”

It’s also a film about a group of kids who grow up in a frozen kingdom, with little help from any adults.

They’re raised by a snowman, Anna and Elsa, who are both frozen by a mysterious force.

Anna’s brother Sven is also a frozen man and the two are the only characters who can’t be killed by a heartless king named Hans.

The film opens with the same family as the first Frozen, and then introduces some new characters and events.

Anna is now in her 20s, having grown up in the kingdom of Arendelle and moved to Arendell to study law.

Elsa is now a teenager in Arendel, but her brother Sven was always a teenager.

Anna and Kristoff are living in a snow man’s cabin with their mother, Olaf.

The first film introduces Anna as the daughter of a prince and queen, and she is raised by the Prince Charming.

Anna grows up as a princess and spends much of her time in Arellina, a small town in Arestel.

She meets and falls in love with the boy named Tundratys.

The kids are separated at the age of five, and Anna and Tundrats go their separate ways.

The two then travel to Arentel, where they meet the king of Arestell, Olgierd, and take a journey together.

The kingdom of Isstell is ruled by King Tundra, who has a daughter named Aurora, and the twins live there.

The twins return to Arestella in order to save their kingdom from being destroyed by an army of evil men.

The next time Anna and the kids visit Arentell is when they visit the Snow King’s castle, which is where the story ends.

The new characters are introduced in the film.

In the first half of the film, the kids travel to Snowy Land, where Anna and Sven discover that a snow creature has taken control of their kingdom.

The Snow King and his wife, Queen Elsa, are evil creatures who have taken over Arentelle and Arendella.

The King’s daughter Aurora is imprisoned in Arentella and her younger sister Kristoff, who was also kidnapped by the King, must rescue her.

The Queen and Prince Chilly are imprisoned at the castle and are about to be destroyed by a group called the Frozen Men.

When the children meet up with Anna and Olg and go to the castle, they find that the kingdom is still frozen and they have to defeat the Frozen Man.

The children travel through Arentland, visiting places like the Ice Kingdom, a frozen lake and the Ice Palace.

After the movie is over, the children go to their mother and they reunite with their friends.

In Arendello, the story goes on.

The characters have different storylines and Anna ends up having to make decisions for the whole family.

Elsa ends up being the princess of Arenteldel, while Anna ends her own story.

The films ending credits have Frozen’s lyrics: “A little girl in a blue dress, frozen in time, who knows where she’s going to be next.”

Frozen 2 is set in Arefel and has Anna and her friends, Sven and Kristof, going to Are