What we know about MTV’s ‘Nuestra Señora’ reboot (part 2)

The trailer for MTV’s “Nuestro Señorá” reboot has finally leaked online.

Check it out below.

The trailer, which premiered back in March, features a new song titled “Nuevo señora.”

The original song was titled “Lunaria” and it was written by Mexican musician Carlos Roca.

“Nueve en una de la misma, no hay la mismo.”

(“It’s a beautiful day, but it’s also a beautiful thing.”)

“Número” and “Tanto el vídeo” were originally written by Carlos Roco.

The “Nuero” song, meanwhile, was inspired by the movie “Los niños de la señorar.”

In the movie, Elvira and her sister are kidnapped by an army and kidnapped for ransom.

They eventually manage to escape from the soldiers, but they are then killed by a mysterious masked man, who kills them with his sword.