The Best Music App for Apple Music: Spotify

There are plenty of apps that let you browse your music library and find artists and albums you want to play, but there’s no easy way to do this on your Apple Music account.

Fortunately, Spotify has you covered.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to access your Apple music library, including how to view and create tracks, playlists, and albums.


Discover Your Apple Music Library Spotify offers a search function for your Apple ID and Apple Music login, and then allows you to search and browse music directly from your phone or tablet.

To open your Apple library, swipe left on your device’s Home button, then select “Search.”

You can then tap on “Add” to add a new song, artist, or album.

You can also tap on the “View” button to navigate to a specific album or artist.

You also have the option to search for a song or artist by a specific artist, genre, or track name.


Choose Your Tracks Spotified’s music library has a wide variety of genres and tracks.

Each track can be created individually, or can be selected to play with other tracks from a library.

You’ll also find a track title, artist name, album name, and genre.


Create Your Own Tracks You can create a track in a variety of ways, including by tagging your track with a hashtag, tagging it with a genre, and tagging it to play on a playlist.


Create Playlists Once you’ve created a track, you can then select it to add to a playlist, which can be sorted by album or genre.

You will also be able to search your Apple playlist by genre, artist or track.


Browse and Share Your Tracks Spotify also has a “Browse and Share” feature that lets you quickly browse your Spotify library and share tracks with friends.

To share a track with someone, tap the share icon in the top right corner of your device, then tap the “Share” button.

The sharing menu will open, and you can choose whether you want the song to appear on your friend’s music feed or appear in your own playlist.

If you share to your Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube account, then the track will appear in those accounts own playlist as well.


Search for a Track or Artist Once your track or artist is in your Spotify playlist, you will be able search for it and find songs and artists that match.

If a track or album is available, you’ll also be presented with an artist name and album name.

You may also click on the artist to learn more about the artist and album.

If an artist has an album cover, you may also see the cover art, artist and title.

You should also be aware that many artists do not have a dedicated artist page on Spotify, so you may need to use their artwork to find an artist.


Track Details & Ratings Once a track has been added to your Spotify account, it will be listed in a list on the left side of your screen.

You have the ability to view your track’s rating and listen to it, or you can add your own rating to your track.

To rate a track (or artist) you can tap on it, then choose “Rate,” and then “Like” or “Share.”


Add a New Track to Your Spotify Music Library