What Linux can do for your computer, tablet or smartphone

title What Ubuntu can do to help your computer or your smartphone?

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article source Microsoft has unveiled the next generation of its flagship Windows 10 device, the Surface Book.

The laptop has a 10.5-inch screen, an Intel Core i7 processor and a 128GB SSD.

The Surface Book is available for pre-order starting today.

The company is calling it a “first generation” Surface Book, which it says means it has more than 10,000 features and “features not available on other Surface devices.”

The company says the Surface Books “features a new, lightweight design, an enhanced performance experience, a sleek design, a new keyboard, and a new touch panel” which is “a fingerprint sensor and a fingerprint scanner on the backside of the keyboard.”

You can pre-register for the Surfacebook starting today by clicking here and entering your Microsoft email address.